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  • These games are an excellent resource for those days when a student is struggling. The games follow the Barton system exactly. So if you are on Level 2, Lesson 3 for example, there are a variety of games specifically for that lesson.  My students are always asking to play the games. They can be used on a "rough day" as a reward, for review, or in place of certain parts of the Barton lesson. For example if you need to do the word reading worksheet - you can play the Word Reading Game instead. The same is true for the phrases. The Imagine Reading Games have a Phrase Game with phrases especially created for each lesson. It is amazing how my students will do the exact same skill as the worksheets because it is in game form! It is easy to ensure that your student will win the game which of course boosts their mood and ego. Sometimes starting a session with a game (you could use a review lesson) is all it takes to turn around a rough day. 
  • It is easiest to cut up the game cards if you have access to a paper cutter. Some tutors cut all the cards out in a session or two. It's a great activity to do while watching TV! Others cut out the cards as they prep for the next lesson. Once the cards are cut out you can use them forever. The cards do not need to be laminated. I have my students wash their hands before we start a tutoring session. That way all of my materials, including the game cards, stay nice and clean. I have used my cards for 10 years and they are in great shape!!
  • It’s good to have you here! Feel free to share anything - stories, ideas, pictures or whatever is on your mind. Here you can start discussions, connect with members, reply to comments, and more. Have something to say? Leave a comment or share a post!
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